5 Tips to Find a Great Location for your Co-ed Fitness Franchise

Location is vital for every business. If you are opening a co-ed fitness franchise, location is one of the major determinants of your franchise’s success. The reason for this is both males and females choose fitness locations that are nearest to and convenient for them. There a few things you have to consider which are well-laid out in this article

1. Ask For Help

Most franchisors include help as part of their franchise agreement with you. Franchisors are there to provide support to franchisees in any available capacity. Most fitness franchisors give you an exclusive license to operate in a certain geographic region/location. The best for a franchisee is to seek the knowledge of the franchisor because they already know which portion of the vast region is most suitable for a fitness franchise. Franchisors also have a team of realtors who will make the process easier for you.

2. Location Size, Location Type, and Location Surrounding

The location size is important so you could accommodate as many customers as possible. You need to know what capacity you want your fitness franchise to hold. This will help you know what location size fits you.

Some fitness franchise locations do well in big building, some are great when they are within a larger mall. Whether you are using a big building or leasing a portion of a mall, the location type will influence how much you are able to make and how many people are able to visit.

The location surrounding of a business is important to the growth of that business. A fitness franchise located in the center of a hustle and bustle town will have good growth potentials, compared to the one located in a quiet town.

3. The Demographics of Your Potential Customer

Demography is the characteristics of a population. This includes the income, gender, religion, marital status, race, et cetera. To have a successful co-ed fitness franchise, your perfect location should have the right mix of male and female, especially the young ones. You could have the shock of your life if you open a fitness franchise in a location where your services are not needed.

4. Residential Areas are Great

Residential areas are built for the main purpose of rest. Some industrial locations can prove to be good locations for co-ed fitness franchise. However, residential areas are great because people can choose to work out in the morning before work or in the evening when they come back from work. Also, weekends are always fun time for the working class. You should aim to accommodate them in your fitness center.

5.Weigh the Cost

Know how much a location will cost you, and compare it with the reasonable revenue you can generate. Success begins when you don’t have to spend excessively on lease. Even if you have the financial strength, you should try to be shrewd about spending.


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